Who is The Nomadic Pediatrician?

Don’t be Tachy! Circa 2018 @ Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital

While talking about myself isn’t quite that foreign to me, self-introductions on online blogs still seems weird and awkward but possibly necessarily – so, Hello! My name’s Trevor and I am an American Board Certified Pediatrician. Born and raised in Roseville, CA, I received my Bachelors in Science (and Minor in Health Care and Social Issues) from UC San Diego. After undergrad, with a thirst for wanderlust and an interest in someday becoming a polyglot, I moved to Firenze, Italy where I got my Certification to teach English as a Foreign Language. However, I soon found that getting a job doing this as a non-EU citizen was pretty tough at the time, so I returned to the US and applied for Medical School. As fate would have it, I ended up landing myself in the beautiful, lively city of New Orleans for 4 years at Tulane University School of Medicine. I received my MD at this time with a particular interest in Culinary Medicine (using food as medicine and counseling on concrete dietary changes for improved health) and ended up matching into Residency training in General Pediatrics at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. Here I realized that I liked too many subspecialties in Pediatrics to choose one but felt a calling towards the inpatient and intense sides of medicine. From Pediatric Oncology to the Pediatric ICU to Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Neonatology, I found that my calling to medicine was in the heart of adrenaline and deep difficult conversations with families and children – but, I couldn’t decide right away, which path would be Mine. So, wanting to push myself to develop further as a General Pediatrician existing on lesser resources, hone my skills and autonomy as a new doctor and explore these feelings some more, I decided to become an exclusive Locum Tenens provider – a Latin phrase meaning a “place holder,” but basically, a substitute traveling physician. Wanting to share my experiences of traveling the country (and hopefully the world) and learning about the variety in the Art of Medicine, I started this blog! In 2023 I restarted my journey in medical training and returned to fellowship after which I hope to continue on my path as The Nomadic Pediatrician!

All thoughts and writings are of my own opinion, unaffiliated to any institution and should not be misconstrued as medical or other advice.