One of those big topics in the world and particularly in high-stress occupations, such as medicine, is the idea of Wellness. Taking care of mental and emotional health has become a growing focus in the job force in general. I will be the first to admit that i’m awful at this balance, but it’s one of those things to always have as a work in progress I guess. Outside of medicine my hobbies are: Brewery Hopping, Cooking, Yoga, and although it’s been ages, Line Dancing.

brewery map

While it may seem odd for a Pediatrician to have a Brewery Map, I am first and foremost, a Human before I am a Physician. The art of brewing beer has always seemed fascinating to me and I have found some of the most relaxing and social atmospheres in Breweries – always, of course, practicing responsibility & moderation. This is my form of wellness. I am always in search of the best breweries all over the country, especially to collect snifter glasses! So let me know of the best Breweries near you!

Breweries Visited as of 1/29/23 – #249

Quarantine qooking

Just some home cooking in the time of Quarantine.
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