Top 10 Must Eat in Huntsville, Texas (Updated June 2021)

Commonly known as “Prison City,” this home of Sam Houston State University and multiple memorabilia of Sam Houston the famous politician is home to some surprisingly good eats. Whether you’re in town for a night or a lifetime make sure to check out these local finds:

Key = Cuisine | $ = Under $10, $$ = $10-20, $$$ = $20-30, $$$$ = >$30 | Recommended Dish

1. 1836 Steakhouse (American | $$$$ | Ribeye) – Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that this is on of the oldest and best restaurants in Huntsville; but, along with that comes a price. Fear not, still great for lunch and don’t forget there’s PRIME RIB on Sundays.

2. Carbonero Rotisserie (Salvadoran | $$ | Carbonero Sampler) – Savory pupusas, homemade queso fresco and crispy chicharrones make you feel like you’re in El Salvador itself. Make sure to ask for extra of the yellow sauce!

3. Bennie J’s Smoke Pit (BBQ | $$ | Brisket) – Easily one of the top 3 BBQ spots in Huntsville, but get there early, they close when they run out, and they run out faster than you can say “Bennie J’s Smoke Pit.”

4. Holy Smoke BBQ a.k.a. “Church BBQ a.k.a. “New Zion Church BBQ” (BBQ | $$ | Ribs) – Serving Huntsville since 1971, this unpretentious BBQ joint is sure to make you say, “Holy Smoke!”

5. Humphreys (Greek | $$ | Ribeye or Traditional Lamb Gyro Pita) – Greek owner? College town? Brilliant and surprising combination of the best steaks in town AND Greek food so good that you’ll think you’re IN Greece.

6. Potato Shack (American | $ | Spicy CCR but switch the Potato for Tater Tots – Thanks to Keith Ahee for the recommendation!) – A Huntsville classic, like the name says, this place is known for their loaded potatoes; but, local secret, switch out the regular baked spuds for some tater tots.

7. Mr. Hamburger (American | $ | Horner or Ol’Sarge) – Another Huntsville staple, known for their amazing burgers and shakes, it’s always eager to spot the quintessential black and white Mr. Hamburger!

8. Farmhouse Cafe (American/Brunch | $$ | Chicken Fried Chicken or Steak) – Great for brunch, great for family, great for that classic all American Chicken Fried Chicken or Steak.

9. Arnaud’s Cajun Kitchen/Food Park (Cajun | $-$$ | Red Beans and Rice + ALL the Seafood) – You know it’s good when the owner tells you he’s from Lafayette, LA, arguably of the epicenters of all Cajun food. Come especially for crawfish season and enjoy all the food park has to offer.

10. Tara’s Cajun Cooking (Cajun | $ | Seafood Birra, Crawfish, Whatever the Special is, GET IT) – So, it took me months to get around to going to Tara’s, but this is now by FAR one of my favorite places not only in Huntsville, but anywhere in Texas to get TRUE Louisiana Crawfish! Unlike the rest of Texas, where crawfish is boiled with lemon and water and served with seasoning on top, this is TRUE Crawfish BOILED in super seasoned boil that doesn’t need anything afterwards to add to it. GO HERE.

Other Great Eats and drinks

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