My Life as a Locum Tenens: Montgomery, TX

City Home Page:
Population: 1,575 (Wikepedia 2019)
Locum Assignment: Outpatient Pediatrician, 2-3 days per week (August 2020-December 2020)
Food Recommendation: Phil’s Road House & Grill, The Pizza Shack, Ransom’s Steakhouse & Saloon, Yo Mama’s Pit BBQ
Local Attractions: Lake Conroe

It’s taken me a while to get around to posting this one, but how could i forget this rambunctious but well-intentioned group! Such a lovely gorgeous practice nestled away in Montgomery, TX. From August 2020 until December 2020, I filled in during a transition between permanent providers at this little Private Practice next to Lake Conroe, TX. I was hit with a huge culture shock from this small town and learned a lot from the community, taking care of their children and from my office staff. For this job, I was only there 2-3 clinic days per week and not centered in Montgomery, so my exploration of the local areas is a little more limited than other locum jobs. It was a rough time to be working in clinic during a pandemic, but i made it through thanks to Jessica, Maci, Lisa and of course the awesome Nurse Practitioner that filled in the other days, Anita!

Here’s a link if you live nearby and need a great Pediatrician (also credit to where the cover image is from):

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