What to Do in Winter in Bridgton, ME

Note: Please see my other posts in regards to recommendations on Where to Eat and Where to Stay; also, basically the point of this post is that you should come here in Summer.

I remember when my locum recruiter called me in February 2021 and said, “Hey, remember that job we looked at in Maine? They confirmed us!” Such a whirlwind of surprise for myself as I had been planning a cross-country drive from Texas to California. I had no idea what to expect, but as someone that has rarely been to New England and never Maine, I knew it would be cold. So, I went shopping, got some snow boots, a furry hat and some gloves (thanks mom) and packed my things to go to Bridgton, Maine!

Now, unfortunately, something I didn’t know, is that this town is super seasonal. So, during the Winter, something like 90% of everything is closed – restaurants, shops, hotels/motels/(holiday) inns. Even with a wanderlusting spirit for myself, needing to stay within 30 minutes of the hospital made it difficult to find a whole lot to do. So this post is for the wanderer that happens to be in this small central Maine town at the wrong time, hopefully it’ll help you out, a little? (Also check out this link: https://www.noblehousebb.com/inn-blog/inn-blog1283096122.html) Below are JUST the things that I found open/available in my short time in Bridgton in March 2021, which has also been influenced greatly by COVID-19; obviously you should always check times online/via phone yourself. *** = Favorite/Must See or Do

***Snowshoe/Cross Country Skiing on Highland Ridge Nordic Trails (Look for “The Dollhouse” warming hut)
– Downhill Skiing at Shawnee Peak
***Pondicherry Park (Has 2.3 miles of hiking and a quintessential bridge with beams from the 16 indigenous trees of Maine)
– Snowmobile Rentals at NorthEast Snowmobile & ATV
– Ice Fishing (I don’t actually know how you fanangle doing this, but i watched it happen a lot – Get the bait n’ tackle here: Unc’l Lunkers Bait and Tackle)
Gallery 302
Bridgton Historical Society / Gibbs Avenue Museum
– Bridgton Public Library

***BODIES OF WATER (<10 miles away) – Don’t blame me if you fall in, but it was super fun to walk out on these frozen lakes and see the sunset, nothing like it.
– Highland Lake
– Moose Pond
– Brandy Pond
– Long Lake
– Sebago Lake

The 207 Vintage Store
Bear Mountain Vintage
Main Street Mercantile
Bridgton Antiques, LLC
***Bridgton Books
Reny’s (If you need or forget snow gear or need just about anything else)
Bridgton Farmers Market
Platt Designs
J. Decor
Firefly Boutique (FYI: I was instructed to let y’all know that they are not part of a chain)
Corn Shop Trading Co. (Get your souvenirs and fudge here)
Scout Home Decor
Dog on the Porch
Bridgton Arts and Crafts
– FOOD STORES: Tasteful Things, Hannaford, Food City

CLOSED OFF-SEASON THINGS (OR COVID-19) (😭): The Magic Lantern and the Tannery Pub, Salmon Point Campground, Rufus Porter Museum of Art and Ingenuity, Bridgton Twin Drive-In, Breakroom 248

Also…. Um… There’s a Hospital, apparently.

1) https://www.pressherald.com/2021/02/12/inside-bridgton-feb-12-2/
2) https://bridgtonmaine.org/
3) https://www.thecrazytourist.com/15-best-things-to-do-in-bridgton-maine/

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