The Top 10: Mainestream Ice Cream Shops

It’s fascinating to me, but the Central Maine area is so prolific with heat, summertime and vacations that there’s an Ice Cream shop on almost every corner! I figured I’d share the top ones I can find. This was a dumb idea, almost EVERYWHERE uses the same ice cream from Gifford’s. I don’t even know who that is. BUT the ones at the top are my favorite, Raymond’s is the only one that does Frozen Custard and is so worth it! Causeway is the ONLY one that doesn’t do Gifford’s – they use a better ice cream called Richardson’s from Massachusetts.

1. Causeway Dairy Bar (Naples, ME)

2. Raymond’s Frozen Custard (Casco, ME)

3. Froagie’s Ice Cream (Fryeburg, ME)

4. The Gazebo (Bridgton, ME)

5. The Mosquito Ice Cream Shop (Raymond, ME)

6. Lakeside Dairy Bar (Naples, ME)

7. Honey Cone (Naples, ME)

8. Sammy’s Scoops (Bridgton, ME)

9. Long Lake Creamery (Harrison, ME)

10. Pear’s Ice Cream & Hoagie Shop (Casco, ME)

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