My Life as a Locum Tenens: Bismarck, ND

City Home Page:
Population: 72,777 (Wikipedia 2019)
Locum Assignment: Level 1 Nursery/Pediatric Hospitalist (Less than 1 week in December 2021)
Food Recommendation: India Clay Bismarck, Pirogue Grill, Peacock Alley, The Walrus, Blarney Stone Pub, Oahu Hawaiian BBQ and Sushi, Butterhorn, Bistro 1100
Breweries: Bismarck Brewing, Stonehome Brewing Company, Gideon’s Brewing, Laughing Sun Brewing
Local Attractions: North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum, Chief’s Looking Village, Dakota Zoo

North Dakota… was not a place I thought I’d ever visit. Negative temperatures? Roads frozen over with ice and snow? All of my body hurting from the wind if I forgot my face covering? For this sunshine-raised traveler, all of the above sounded so unlike anything i’d ever done, was certainly something noone seems super jealous of and by far one of the greatest experiences I’ve had to date. There’s something amazing waking up to cold temperatures of -20F (-40F with windchills) and being able to throw boiling water into the air only to watch it turn to snow and dissipate into the wind. There’s something magical about spending the end of December watching the sun reflect from the snowy banks and the frozen rivers. Also, there’s such an appreciation that comes from technology when you can use a remote to start your care prior to going outside.

Throwing water in the air to make it freeze!
NYE 2021

Sadly, given scheduling and hospital needs, this was much too short of an assignment to really get a true experience of Bismarck. I’m hoping to go back to visit sometime and especially would love to go in the summer! I’ve been told about the Badlands and “Yellowstone” if i head West. Everyone was so sweet and it was fascinating to me to hear the midwestern/Great Plains accents. Like, Oh Geez! So, at the least, here are some pictures! I spent New Years Eve at an amazing restaurant called Pirogue Grill and drove by the Capital (a.k.a. The ND Heritage Center). Also, I did successfully make it to FOUR breweries in my 5 days here, soo… That was neat.

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