LocumVentures: All the Alpacas

Every now and then, if you’ve followed along for long enough for gone back far enough, I try to post some of my LocumVentures (Damn, that’s a catchy name, eh? Gotta trademark it soon….). I had to do a totally separate blog post JUST to talk about Alpacas, because they are the absolute best. One of my favorite adventures being in MAINE was going to Unity, Maine to visit the Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm. First imported into the US in the 1980s, there are tons of Alpaca Farms all around the US, but my first time going to one was in MAINE when I was on assignment in Augusta. Fun facts is that if you don’t shave them they can over heat and die, and there are different breeds that have different characteristics of their fur/hair. Right next to an Amish Country Store, the Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm is home to reportedly >40 of these fluffy friends and it was free to go check it out. The best part was that i went in the winter when it was cold enough to scare most people off and I got to wander around all by myself with the farm caretaker Bailey. Highly recommend going to this particular Alpaca farm if you get a chance! I got my mom a scarf and myself a funny sweatshirt (that’s ironically and sadly NOT made from alpaca fur).

Also, here’s a few pictures of the Amish Charcuterie store – the Country Store was burned down on this visit. ***Pictures were taken with permission.***

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