LocumVentures: Arrowsic Island (Squirrel Point and Doubling Point Lighthouses)


I did this small minitrip on an afternoon after coming off of a night shift and sleeping a few hours in the morning – so, it conveniently doesn’t take all day like some of my other trips. Across the Kennebec River in the Arrowsic Island there are two awesome light houses you can go visit – both found via somewhat of an unexpected path. Squirrel Point Lighthouse to start, is a delightful, and simultaneously creepy, endpoint to a short hike through a forest (0.7mi one way i found out later, don’t make a left turn to the Bald Head route or it’s going to be like 3 times longer, and will just take you to look at the Back River). I definitely sent the GPS coordinates to people when i pulled up to the parking lot, a little small clearing with no signs. I read online later that they’re working on revamping everything, but until then, especially off season, it’s definitely reminiscent for me of The Ring – a family that happened upon the grounds at the same time totally agreed with me! Afterwards on my way back up north I stopped by Doubling Point Lighthouse which is awkwardly in the backyard of a privately owned house, but has a long walkway out to the middle and a pretty cool view of The Town of Bath across the way. And, of course, to end it all, I definitely made a stop by Bath Ale Works, which happened to be having trivia on a Monday too! Did you know there are 236 episodes of Friends?! Also, you can get a “Carrier Deck” to taste all TWELVE beers….. I just tasted though, trust me.

Literally the Entrance to the Hike towards
Squirrel Point Lighthouse

Squirrel Point Lighthouse

doubling Point Lighthouse & bath ale works


  1. Hi! Born and raised in Arrowsic. Love that you’re giving it some love, but it’s an island not a peninsula!


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