LocumVentures: Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse + Owls Head Lighthouse

Another lighthouse duo that I actually visited on two separate occasions, these are definitely ones to visit.

Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse (rockland, me)

If nothing else, in all of Maine, the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse is an amazing walk out into the middle of the ocean on this jagged rocky path – google says the distance is 7/8-mile one way. Definitely glad i brought a sweatshirt even on a sunny day since the wind definitely changes things up. Don’t fall in! Also, it’s been around since 1881 😮.

owls head Lighthouse + lobster (owls head, me)

Twenty minutes south of the Breakwater is Owls Head Lighthouse. There’s a quaint little beach past the ‘do not walk over here because it’s steep but it’s not really’ sign; definitely going back for a picnic sometime. Also, couldn’t help but share pictures of my exciting trip to Owls Head Lobster Co. and the lobster foods I made – I walked straight onto the dock and got the lobsters from the lobstermen as they took them out of the water, definitely one of the cooler things i’ve ever done, at least for Me!

Owls Head Lobster Co.

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