LocumVentures: Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor in 3 Days – DAY 1

Over the last several months, I have spent hours and hours pouring over travel blogs, staring at map and asking native coworkers about the best things to see in the great state of Maine. Of course, the most common response has been to go to the coast tied in with the legendary internationally acclaimed: Acadia National Park.

Basically i figured out that you could spend days or weeks here climbing all of the things, or walking all of the things, or seeing all of the things. So, to distill the trip down to a few days was difficult but I felt like I got a pretty decent view of what I wanted and know now what to do when i go back. But, for a beginner first trip, i went at the best time and had a fantastic time… Well, other than the rain. Now to start, I flew in on a redeye flight so my Day 1 started basically around lunch time. I went the FIRST WEEK OF JUNE and it wasn’t too crowded… Unfortunately I got hit with a pretty rainy few days which was sad 😞 .

***For the easiest trip, I’d open google maps and enter each location in order as an “add stop” until you have a perfect day planned!***

Day 1 – Drive into Mount Desert Island > Southwest Harbor

  1. Lunch: Trenton’s Lobster Pound vs. Thurston’s Lobster Pound (Really can’t go wrong with either)e
  2. Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse (Probably would be good to go back for sunset)
  3. Wonderland Trail
  4. Seawall
  5. Dinner: West Street Cafe vs. Side Street Cafe

Bar Harbor, located on Mount Desert Island, is about 51 miles (~1-1.5 hours) from the Bangor International Airport. I chose to stay at the Hampton Inn Bar Harbor, and as someone that LIVES in hotels, this was one of the best Hampton Inn’s i’ve stayed at – something about the spinach/cheese baked good thing was amazing. If you pay for the upgrade you can actually get a room that can view the sunrise and it saves you from needing to go up Cadillac Mountain.

LUNCH: I wanted to get lunch at Trenton’s Lobster Pound but it was closed so i went to Thurston’s. Both are highly acclaimed on all the blogs and reviews you will read. Trenton’s is before the bridge to MDI but Thurston’s was great as well in SW Harbor.

BASS HARBOR HEAD LIGHTHOUSE: One of the best lighthouses i’ve seen. I actually climbed out onto the rocks to the left and wandered so far out that I found a peaceful rock to sit on for a while and watch the sailboats go by.

WONDERLAND TRAIL: An easy 1.4 mile out and back trail, it goes to a gorgeous pebbly cove that was fun to listen to the waves hit against.

SEAWALL BEACH: So, this isn’t really a beach, but you can pull over and look at like, pretty rocks i guess. So, that was fun. It’s an easy stop on the way, so definitely recommend in.


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