LocumVentures: Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor in 3 Days – DAY 3

Day 3

Last Day MUST DO Foods: C-Ray Lobster (Lobster Roll + Mussels) for Lunch and Havana (Paella) for Dinner.
Things on my list for next time that I didn’t have enough time to do: Bike the carriage roads, Schoodic Point

Since my trip got so messed up by weather, I really did things spread across 4 days since I had to sit in the rain and cry for some of it… But regardless the MUST DO hikes I feel are: Jordan Pond and The Bubbles. I sadly didn’t make it to the Jordan Pond House for they’re famous popovers, but i’m not a big baked goods kinda guy anyways. Make reservations!

  • Jordan Pond = It’s one of the most beautiful lakes you’ll ever see. I did the 3.1 mile hike around it thought it was TOTALLY worth it. There’s a large amount where you walk on wooden planks to protect the ecosystem which is neat, but requires you to get out of the way for people going the opposite direction sometimes. Pro Tip, you can connect it with The Bubbles to do one long hike.
  • The Bubbles = There is a South and North “Bubble” and when you go to the top of the South Bubble is BUBBLE ROCK! It’s pretty neat. According to the websites it’s a 1.5 mile hike or something. I went on a cloudy day and watched the mist roll in.
Jordan Pond
The bubbles & bubble rock

One particular other one I did on another repeat trip which are on the Southwest Harbor was: Fly Mountain and Valley Cove Trail – There’s a direct path to the cove where there was a rocky beach and people going SWIMMING, BUT you can also do the more challenging scenic view loop and go to the top of the mountain and then shoot out to the cove and back on the easier road; I opted for this as it was more of a reward after the more strenuous (but mild) uphill part. Also for a little relaxation if you can beat the crowds: Long Pond and Echo Lake. Not included because I got bad pictures but Schooner Head was a pretty cool little place to visit in the mist too, there’s a small cave at the bottom if you’re daring enough, just don’t fall in like I almost did…

fly mountain and valley cove trail
long pond and echo lake

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