My Life as a Locum Tenens: Santa Fe, NM

Rio Rancho/Corrales Bosque Preserve

Helpful Pages:
Population: ~90,000 (2019)
Locum Assignment: Pediatric/Newborn Hospitalist (72 hour and 48 hour back-to-back shifts x 2 – March and April 2022)

So, this one I did just to see if I could do it, and it ended up being pretty intense; but, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, sometimes, I suppose. I’d always wanted to see Santa Fe after hearing about it when I worked in Deming, NM; however, I ended up working so much it was tough to see everything. I mainly did this job to see if i could survive a 72 hour in house shift, and I did! Albeit, not without my dark cloud bringing some *educational* experiences. Such an odd little town, it was simultaneously very hippie but also very expensive – I was amazed that so many restaurants were easily in the $$$$ category on Yelp, but, the food was definitely amazing. Some things I’d be sure to do going back: Meow Wolf, Bandelier National Monument, Ten Thousand Waves (for the Spa Resort part). Other than that, i did explore downtown and found an amazing place way high up on the mountain overlooking Santa Fe and Albuquerque. The rigor of working for 120 hours in the short span of 6 days pushed me to a point of exhaustion and intensity I hadn’t had for a while, It definitely made my residency days look like a joke. Nice people, but maybe too much of a closed community for me for the long run; but, I suppose not everything is gonna be perfect. This overlook in Hyde Park was absolutely stunning though – I could see Albuquerque and Santa Fe from the top of the mountain!

Santa Fe Scenic Overlook in Hyde Park

Some particularly cool/interesting things about the jobsite – A yoga/serenity room! Tea and chocolate on a Harry Potteresque “lavendar” cart! And, to see my other post on ‘High Altitude Medicine,’ everyone desaturated on room air, wild! P.S. look at all the buildings!

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