LocumVentures: Pemaquid Point

The Itinerary


On a sunny day off in mid-April, on one of my many peninsula explorations of Maine, I took a trip from Augusta through Damariscotta to Bristol. I scheduled in my first Lobster Roll of the season at the Lobster Haul (to be featured in my Lobster Post!) in Damariscotta and then headed onwards South. The lighthouses are of course endless but Pemaquid Point Lighthouse was a particularly amazing. I also laid on the Pemaquid Beach peacefully as the crazy Mainer kids ran into the freezing water – it was free and awesome during off season! On my way back I made sure to include a unique little Oyster Bar (The Hub), the Whaleback Shell Midden State Historic Site, and a hidden Brewery in the Countryside – The Sheepscot Valley Brewing Co. As a side note, definitely ended this with some Indian food in Chelsea which wasn’t bad – Mughal Palace was fairly authentic i thought.

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