The 8 Waterfall Loop of Central Maine – Day 1

  • Best Hike = Dunn Falls
  • Best Swimming = Smalls Falls vs. Screw Auger (Because it’s in a Cave!)
  • Best Picnic = Coos Canyon vs. Smalls Falls
  • Best Looking = Angel Falls
  • Least Crowded = The Cataracts
  • Day 1 = Snow Falls > Rumford Falls > Smalls Falls > Lunch in Rangeley > *Height of the Land Lookout* Angel Falls > Coos Canyon
  • Day 2 = The Cataracts > Dunn Falls *Hike* > Screw Auger
  • Starting Point = I liked staying in Oxford… I mean, there’s a Casino so… But Newry/Norway/Paris area are all great easy to start with, I’m sure it’s doable from Rangeley as well.

I had heard stories of waterfalls in Central Maine, so I did some googling and found someone that had written a map of a “Waterfall Loop” in Central Maine, but it just had the names and a small map. As the author states it takes about 4 hours to do the loop; but I broke it down into specifics for a 2 day trip – it was perfect, but with a 3rd day i would definitely have spent more time at one or two to relax and swim/picnic. So here’s my review, a little more in depth with more planning, for those interested. It. Was. Amazing. I split this up into 2 days so that it would load easier. Also you can google stats on how high they are, i just am gonna show pretty pictures.

On Day 1, I recommend stopping in Rangeley for lunch but i focused so much on the waterfalls that i didn’t visit much here, definitely want to go back. Also you HAVE to go to the Height of the Land view point, since it’s so touristy and famous I guess.

I put the ones you can swim at in red titles.

day 1
Day 1

Waterfall 1 – Snow Falls

Difficulty: None to Mild
Time Spent: 20-30 min
Basically a pit stop on the rode. It has a tiny picnic area, a walk down a few steps and across a bridge, and a little hidden kind of stream through a wall. There’s some tables for picnics, no bathroom though. It doesn’t take super long to wander around. After I saw it, I didn’t linger. You can’t swim here.

Waterfall 2 – Rumford Falls

Difficulty: None
Time Spent: 15 min
So, really, this isn’t that exciting. Do NOT follow your GPS however, or you’ll end up at the employee side that you can’t go to. Make a turn into town and PASS the lumberjack dude and park in that parking lot, there’s some food trucks and an info thing for Rumford. Walk down, see the racist native American silhouettes, and then leave. I guess sunbathe if you want, probably wouldn’t get in the water though.

Waterfall 3 – Smalls Falls

Difficulty: None to Mild
Time Spent: 60 min – All Day
Swimming hole! Although, if I went back i’d get the waterproof toe-fitted things, the rocks are harder to walk on. Hike all the way to the top and over the path to see the other smaller falls and the top of it. People were all over swimming in various pools of the falls. I saw some families here and some older people, but the hike up to the top isn’t quite *nothing* and still has some elevation. Great picnic place!

Waterfall 4 – Angel Falls

Difficulty: Moderate (Only because i wouldn’t bring grandma)
Time Spent: 60 min (~1.1 mile hike out and back)
So, as someone that hikes around in cowboy boots, i consider this mild-moderate of a hike. The elevation change isn’t wild but you do have to “rock scramble” a bit as some passerbys told me. It was harder to find than thought. When you go down the few mile dirt road, go past the first turn or two and you WILL see a sign on a telephone post. Drive down and there will be a huge rock (like as big as a car). Park there and go LEFT. This was surprisingly annoying to find, and I got lost with some other people. THIS. WAS. THE. BEST. WATERFALL. SO. WORTH. THE. TROUBLE.

Waterfall 5 – Coos Canyon

Difficulty: None to Mild
Time Spent: 60 min – All Day
Swimming hole, I think? There’s a bunch of rocks, it’s near a camp site, you can jump around on rocks, that kinda thing. You can get in the water, but it’s not as great as some of the other falls in my opinion. Definitely picnics on rocks at this one.

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