The 8 Waterfall Loop of Central Maine – Day 2

day 2

Important: The directions for parking and all of that is assuming you’re coming FROM the EAST and starting at the Cataracts as a GPS destination; I found that reading some other guides if you came from another direction, it got slightly confusing to me.

Day 2

Waterfall 6 – The Cataracts

Difficulty: Mild
Time Spent: 60 min (~1 mi out and back)

So this one was slightly hard to find but at the same time there is a little pull out on the RIGHT side if, it’s NOT a full parking lot. Across from the parking lot on the LEFT side of the road is the beginning of an adventure following blue trail markers out to a ton of microfalls. If you head up the rocks all the way to the top you can find the bigger one. It’s best to visit this one, i hear, after a big snow/rain fall.

Waterfall 7 – Dunn Falls

Difficulty: Mild-Moderate (because of elevation)
Time Spent: 60 min – 3 hours
So, I definitely got lost on this one at first, and if you go the wrong way you end up on the freaking Appalachian Trail (aka ATC) which is a little more rigorous and slightly less marked… Or i just suck at this. If you google this a little more you CAN take a 3 hour round trip loop out to the falls which is probably great. 1) Drive from The Cataracts along the path and park on the RIGHT side of the road, 2) Cross the road to the LEFT side, 3) Walk BACKWARDS on the road until you find the white arrow below. The correct entrance will have a little white placard.

If you look at my pictures, on the opposing side of the road (the RIGHT side where you parked) there’s another white arrow but you can see the wood post for the ATC there. I definitely made the wrong turn and went down part of the ATC and got lost… So, don’t do that and it’ll be fine. There’s definitely some elevation here.

When you get to a unmarked fork about 0.2 miles in (per Alltrails) in, go on the OUTER trail to get to the top and see the best falls. If you CONTINUE on this path across a rock path across a stream you connect to the ATC and can take this back to the road. Super worth it overall, but plan accordingly.

Waterfall 8 – Screw Auger

Difficulty: None
Time Spent: 60 min – All Day
Part of the Grafton Notch State Park, this was my FAVORITE Swimming hole and falls of all of the 8 i did. I definitely like ending here because you can take a natural bath and go into a CAVE at the bottom of the waterfalls. Highly recommend. Just follow the side of the rocks and climb all the way down, or just have a picnic on the top and bask in the sun after finishing the loop, it’s your life, do what you want.

Overall, totally loved this waterfall loop and whoever figured out they all connect.

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